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Signature pencil Case Cotton

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When you sit at your desk, kitchen table or maybe a local cafe, you probably don’t want to ruffle through your bag to find your long lost pens. We at O My Bag hear you! Our Signature Pencil Case is a sleek zip pouch for pens, pencils, markers and small personal items. Our striped cotton and camel leather details make this case a casual and fun take on a classic pencil case. Made from certified cotton, the Signature Pencil Case opens with a zip and lets you organize your space exactly the way you want it. With our Signature Pencil Case, wherever you go, you can be sure you have what you need in one handy spot. Our signature black and white lining gives this Signature Pencil Case a clean and minimalistic look. The camel hunter leather closing and O My Bag logo provide some edge and make this Signature Pencil Case the versatile accessory it is!